Curry Beef Pepper Rice with Cheese by Pepper Lunch

My visits to Pepper Lunch was not very often since most of the places I have been going to does not have one. But today, I was happy that I could once again try one of their awesome dishes! I was craving for a curry dish so I immediately looked for one in their menu. Alas, I found a dish that sounded delicious! It was their Curry Beef Pepper Rice with Cheese! I ordered my dish and patiently waited at my table! After a few minutes of waiting (good thing I was with good company so I didn’t notice the time passed), my order arrived. In true Pepper Lunch manner, it was up to me to finish making the dish (turning the meat, mixing everything after). Once I was done, my taste buds were ready to experience the food!

FullSizeRender 3 copy
Curry Beef Pepper Rice with Cheese for P232.00

The first bite was amazing. I don’t know if its because I was craving for the taste of curry but the dish tasted great! Since it was sizzling hot when it arrived, I had to slightly blow the food a few times to make sure I didn’t get burned with it. The mixture of the slightly sweet and spicy curry and the salty melted cheese was pretty much on point. It was just spicy enough to keep you hooked and wanting for more. The beef were thinly sliced but full of deep flavour, which blended in the overall composition of the dish. Each component helped in making the overall taste of the dish to be complete. I was a bit sad when I suddenly realised that the food was already gone. I was very happy that I got to satisfy my cravings with one of Pepper Lunch’s dish. I will definitely come back to try the other entries in their menu!

Rating: 8/10

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Instagram: @pepperlunchph


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