Ultimate Special Overload Pizza by Greenwich

Who wouldn’t want some pizza? I, for one, am a pizza lover. I’m not saying that I would eat any kind of pizza (sorry anchovies fans, its really not my thing), but when it comes to those which I love, I can assure you that I would be eating a lot! My sister and I were craving for some pizza last weekend. We brainstormed on where we would eat for a bit, thinking of every possible options we could find. But after a few talks, we decided on having ourselves some Greenwich pizza since its been so long since we had some from that place. Everyone agreed on the decision, so we went to Greenwich at Robinsons Metro East. Once we were there, we decided on having their Ultimate Special Overload because we were suckers for those bell peppers! There were a lot of people in the restaurant so our orders arrived a bit late. We had the pizza cut in squares (I know, a bit lame) because my sister and mom were sure they wouldn’t be able to finish a whole slice if it were cut in regular cuts. The pizza was still hot when it arrived so me immediately helped ourselves!

Ultimate Special Overload Pizza for P435.oo

The pizza was oozing with cheese on top, which we really liked. Being an “overload” pizza, it had a generous amount of toppings such as bell peppers, pepperonis, ham, beef, mushroom, olives and onions. The ingredient complimented each other in a way that they didn’t overpower any of its taste, and helped in giving the full tasteful experience on each bite. The crust was a bit on the soft side, which I really didn’t mind. The bell peppers and onions were very crispy and had a really nice crunch sound whenever you get to bite one. The beef and pepperoni were cooked evenly as well, which gave the pizza a very meaty flavor. The mushrooms were very juicy as well with every bite. Overall, the pizza cravings were satisfied with a very well made pizza. I was glad that a classic place like Greenwich is still one of those that serves awesome pizzas. Cheers to my next trip to Greenwich!

Rating: 7.5/10

Visit their social media accounts:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GreenwichPizza/

Instagram: @greenwichpizza


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