Village Tavern Benedict by Village Tavern

I was always fascinated with Eggs Benedict ever since I saw someone make them in Masterchef (I don’t remember which season/country it was). So I made it a point to try almost any Eggs Benedict I come across with, and I have tried a handful of them already. When I met with my sister-in-law and their cousins, we tried this place called Village Tavern at Bonifacio High Street. I was expecting that it would only have some sort of “village-y” food choices like lamb dishes and the like so I was not expecting the place to have Eggs Benedict. Because of that, it was a no brainer choice for me to order them.

Village Tavern Benedict for P325.00

The serving time of the food was good, at least for my order. My order came with two Eggs Benedict, a small serving of baby potatoes, a small portion of pastry and some fruits, a big serving for my opinion. I finished the potatoes and pastry first before starting on the main dish. The potatoes were really good, since it was covered with sour cream and chives, which I’m really a fan of. The pastry was really sweet, a little bit to sweet for my taste. I guess I should have ate it after the Eggs Benedict. I was already excited in sinking my teeth on the star of the dish. I sliced through the poached egg and was a bit disappointed that it was not poached properly. I was expecting a runny yolk oozing out once I cut into it but what I found was an almost fully cooked one. The bread was soft enough to be sliced easily and had a very satisfying taste. The ham was cooked with the right amount of caramelization which gave it a very distinct sweet taste as you bite into it, which was actually appetizing as well. The hollandaise sauce, however, was just ok. I’m not saying it tasted bad, but rather a bit incomplete for my liking. I was looking for that little hint of lemony taste in it but it was not there. Maybe it was a house recipe that made it taste like that, so I think I may need to try it again next time to confirm. Overall, I was full from the big serving size of the dish but was not fully satisfied with it but will still go back since I am looking forward to trying other items in their menu!

Rating: 6.5/10

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Instagram: @villagetavernph


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