Classic Pork Ribs by Racks

Anyone say ribs? Yes, big fan here! Always am, and always will be. And when you are a fan, you tend to crave them from time to time. This is usually remedied by a trip to one of my favorite rib places, Racks. Racks has been around for very long since I can distinctly remember dining on one of their branches near our area when I was young. It’s just a bit sad that now, that branch is gone and the nearest one would be a 30 – 40 minute drive from our house. But that wouldn’t stop me from getting some good food there every once in a while, and last week was one of those instances. My sister and I decided to eat dinner at Racks after one of my appointments. We were famished so we ordered our favorite (yes, my sister is a ribs fan as well) half rack of Classic Pork Ribs, which comes with either garlic or corn bread and two regular side dishes. After choosing our sides (we went for Broccoli and Cheese among the many side dishes they offer), we had a few chit chats before our orders arrived. The delivery time of the food was good since we didn’t wait very long before it arrived.

Classic Pork Ribs – Half Rack for P555.00

The ribs were what we had hoped for. The aroma of the pork had that smokey yet fragrant smell to it that really builds up your appetite. The meat was so soft and tender that even the bone that came with it can be cut with a fork. It was cooked so well that I can literally feel it melting in your mouth. The sauce they used to marinade the ribs had that unique sweet savory taste that only Racks, based on my taste, have. You can also feel the slight crispiness of the pork, which add some nice texture to the dish. It was juicy enough to make it succulent but not too wet and mushy. To add a bit of zing to the dish, you can try adding their original sauces (there is a sweet one and a spicy one) that elevates the taste of the dish. Each component of the ribs complimented the whole dish, which gave me such a complete experience! This will always be one of my go to ribs places and I’ll be sure to come back here in the near future!

Rating: 8/10

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Instagram: @racksphl


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