Dynamite Rolls by Omakase

Japanese food fascinates me! The ingredients, the preparation and the way they serve the dish in such an elegant way really leaves me in awe. I have been to many Japanese restaurants and by far, Omakase has been one of my favorites. And you know why? It’s because of their Maki! I previously only ate California Maki since it was the only Maki I know but ever since I had their Dynamite Rolls, it was an immediate order when I went there. Last Sunday, we celebrated Father’s day by having lunch at Omakase. We were there at opening time but there were already a lot of people lining up to dine in. Good thing that there were still plenty of tables for us to get a cozy spot near the window. The waiter promptly attended to our orders, and they arrived rather fast.

Dynamite Roll for P260.00


As he lay the Dynamite Rolls in front of me, I could already feel my mouth water. It was made of unagi (japanese for fresh water eel) tempura inside with a choice of either spicy tuna or salmon on top. As I am a big fan of all spicy things, I decided to get the spicy tuna variant. I took one, dip it in the special sauce  it came with(which I had trouble finding out what it was made of), and took it all in one bite. The tuna was the first one I tasted the moment I closed my mouth. It was really fresh, and was very soft in the mouth. It had a very distinct meaty flavor and I liked that it had almost no fishiness in it. I was expecting it to be spicier but I was pleasantly surprised that I really love the subtlety of its spiciness. The rice tasted great as well. It has just the right amount of softness that held the dish together. The taste was not overpowering but complemented the other ingredients. The unagi tempura was also on point with regards to taste. It was dense and tasted like white fish. I also had some sort of chicken like texture when you eat it, and I must say, it was really good. The batter was really thin and added some crispiness to the whole dish. Overall, I had such a great experience! I will definitely comeback to have some more of this awesome maki dish in the future! I am positively sure you will love it as well!

Rating: 8/10

Check out their social media accounts:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/weloveomakase

Instagram: @iwantomakase


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