Lasagna Roll-Ups by Banapple

My mom used to cook a lot of pasta for us, simply because its one of her best dishes at home! Well, I guess every child would say the same thing. . It was a staple food at parties at home, but she would occasionally just cook them when she wants to. It would always be either spaghetti with red sauce or with the white one. But when she cooks up lasagna, its a whole new story. She makes a mean lasagna and I do not joke around! She said that she only bakes a lasagna when she really feels like it because it requires a lot of work compared to the string pasta she always cook. Since we don’t usually have lasagna at home, we tend to try some of them at restaurants around the metro. We came across a particularly interesting one when we went to Banapple. They were offering the not so typical layered lasagna dish but instead, they have them up in rolls! Yes, you heard me, they roll up the lasagna sheets and serve them up like a spring roll! So oozing with curiosity, we had to order and try them!

Lasagna Roll-Ups for P210.00

One order usually comes with two lasagna rolls and a slice of wheat bread. I was amazed at how awesome it looked to eat lasagna this way and how full I was after finishing the whole thing. The rolls would be filled with cream and parmesan cheese which also helps keep them in place. Then, it would be topped of with a very generous amount of tomato meat sauce combined with melted mozzarella cheese. The aroma of the dish would be enough to have you drooling. The aldente lasagna sheets were cooked perfectly. It was firm enough to hold the shape but was just soft enough to offer almost no resistance when slicing it. The cream and parmesan cheese combination were very abundant. It had a heavy flavour, which I actually really liked, and it went well together with the meat sauce. I just thought it was a bit of a waste to have some leftover cheese when there was no more pasta, but this is just me. The sauce gave the dish its completeness. It was a sweet type of tomato meat sauce, which obviously was geared for Filipino taste buds. The meat were tender and the sauce left a strong taste in the mouth, which was OK for me. I found the sauce a little bit oily as well, which usually is not that big of a problem for me, but could be for others. The melted mozzarella cheese was mild enough not to overpower the other cheese flavour but can be distinctly tasted with every bite. It was a good dish at a great price, but I guess nothings better than your own mother’s cooking?

Rating: 6.5/10

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Instagram: @banapplekitchen


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