Fish (Haddock) and Chips by The Golden Chippy

The day had such a great weather so my wife and I decided to go somewhere before she went to work. We talked the previous night about places we could go to and finally agreed on going to Greenwich in order to see the Royal Observatory and the famous Prime Meridian. The trip would be around an hour to make so we made sure we ate a heavy breakfast just to be sure we would have enough energy before our next meal. We spent a good amount of time in the Royal Observatory (of course with the mandatory picture with the Prime Meridian) that we didn’t realise that it was already past lunch time. After one more stop, we decided to look for a restaurant near the area that served some fish and chips and luckily, we stumbled across a place that had great reviews from TripAdvisor, The Golden Chippy. It was a 14 minute walk from where we were so that made us even hungrier. Arriving at the place, we were fortunate that there were only a few people so we didn’t have any problem finding a seat. Since this was my first fish and chips experience in London, I had to get help from my wife about which type of fish I would get. The guy behind the counter suggested we get the Cod and Haddock since it was their best-sellers. We made our orders, sat down and waited for it. I loved how the people in the restaurant entertained and talked to us while we waited until our orders arrived. And boy was I surprised. I have had fish and chips in the Philippines before but my order was ridiculously large. My wife had the Cod and Jacked Potato while I had the Haddock and Chips.

Haddock and Chips for £8.80

The fish was bigger than my hand and the amount of chips they served was huge. It also came with a salad, which I thinks all in all was of good value. I first tried the chips and I liked how they were cooked with just the right crispiness and softness that I loved. The salad tasted good as well, but I was not yet used to how they make salads here. After tasting both, I moved on to the main dish, squeezed some lemon on it and took one big bite of the Haddock. I could hear the slight crunching of the breading from the fish with each chew. It was cooked to golden perfection! The fish itself was very tasty, with its light texture. The lemon I squeezed on it added some dynamics to the dish and the slight sourness sat really well with its overall flavour. It was seasoned amazingly, since it brought out the freshness of the fish used. The skin of the Haddock was cooked perfectly, since it, too, was crispy and did not have any burnt taste whatsoever. They provided some condiments that would worked well with the fish like tartar sauce, ketchup and some chilis. The mix of ketchup and chilis was what I went for and the spiciness it brought to my meal had me eating like a person who hadn’t had a meal in days. Since it was so big, and the chips was so many, it took me a bit of time before finishing my meal. I was satisfied through the bones with this meal. It was delightful to have my first “Fish and Chips” experience in The Golden Chippy. If ever I was in the area again, I would definitely be back for more!

Rating: 8.5/10

Check them out:

The Golden Chippy

62 Greenwich High Rd, London SE10 8LF

Facebook: The Golden Chippy


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  1. That my friend looks like a nice piece of haddock. I bet it tasted as good as it looks.


    1. whatchaeat says:

      Your bet is right! It tasted amazing! You should definitely try it when you’re in the area!

      Liked by 1 person

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