Slow Cooked Shoulder of Lamb by Little Bay

We were blessed once more with a wonderful weather here in London! To celebrate the sun shining so high in the sky, me, my wife and our friend, decided to visit the Mayfair Lavender Farm. It was a fairly long bus ride from our home, since we were travelling for almost 2 hours! Luckily, we had our fully charged phones to play Pokemon Go as we went to our destination. We spent the whole morning there, appreciating the beauty of the scenery but more importantly, taking those mandatory pictures to post and share to everyone! The sun did get the best of us since after all the picture taking, we were dead tired from the heat. And since it was already lunch time, we tried and look for some restaurant near the area. We saw one restaurant that piqued our attention in Trip Advisor since the photos of the place looked very interesting. It was a place called Little Bay Restaurant located at Croydon. It offered different cuisines from French to International ones. It took us one bus ride from the Lavender Farm and a few minutes of walking to reach the place. I loved the ambiance the place gave me once we entered its premises. It was really unique, since it gave you a sense of eating in a theatre. We were seated at once since there were still available tables when we arrived. They were offering a two course meal so we all decided to get that. They had us choose our appetizers and mains in their menu. To try and taste as many as we can, we each had different meals, in which case I had the Shredded Duck Parcel as my starter and the Slow Cooked Shoulder of Lamb as my main. I’ll be focusing on my main dish for this review.


My dish came with two pieces of lamb shoulder, potatoes, green beans and aubergine (which is actually another name for eggplant). I like that the potatoes were seasoned with paprika to add a bit of spice to it. It was a bit mushy, which might be a problem to some, but I was not bothered by it. The aubergine suprised me because it was seasoned with specific spices in a way that, once combined with the overall taste of the dish, was playful to my pallate. The green beans were good, but nothing more than the ordinary. The lamb shoulders were very soft and tender at the same time. I loved how easily I could slice through the meat with only my fork. The sauce where the lamb was cooked in was also very delightful to the taste. It had a deep savory taste, with just enough saltiness and just a small hint of bitterness that balanced the dish. Overall, I had a very wonderful first experience at the restaurant. I will surely love to try their other offerings on my next return!

Rating 7/10

Check them out:

Little Bay Restaurant

32 Selsdon Road, Croydon CR2 6PB, England


Facebook: Little Bay 


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