W Teriyaki Bento by Eat Tokyo

It was a fine, although cloudy (and by the looks of it a bit rainy) Sunday morning and we were on our way to go to church. It’s the first time we had gone together because of her weekend work schedule. And since it will be our first mass together, we went and saw mass at the Westminster Cathedral in Central London. The cathedral was so amazing to look at, both inside and out. And I loved how the choir sang their hyms during the celebration! It was such a wonderful experience to have together with my lovely wife. After the mass, we were feeling the hunger since it was already lunch time. She said that she wanted to try this Japanese restaurant that her friends were telling her before. I agreed and we went there immediately. After a few minutes, she pointed out the restaurant she was talking about, Eat Tokyo. We were a bit early from the opening time but there were already a few people waiting in queue. After the doors open, each of us were seated accordingly. The waiter then gave us the menu and we started choosing our meals. I went for something that could give me a bit more to taste, which is the W Teriyaki Bento.

W Teriyaki Bento for £12.00

The bento came with a serving of Chicken Teriyaki, Salmon Teriyaki, Salad, Sushi, Rice and Miso Soup. I was thinking that if it came with that many dishes, they might be handing out smaller portion of each viand but I was definitely wrong. Each dish had a generous serving size, which I believe was a real deal for its price. I started on their salad and like almost every other restaurant, their salad were identical in taste for me. I then proceeded to the chicken and was delighted by the slightly sweet yet salty teriyaki sauce it was coated in. The chicken was cooked well and was very easy to bite. After that, I moved on to the salmon, which in my opinion, the highlight of my meal. I was expecting that the salmon had the same teriyaki sauce used on the chicken, but instead, it had a sweeter blend that really suited the fish. The fish was flavorful enough but the sauce truly gave it more life. While the teriyaki sauce for the chicken had a thicker consistency, the one for the fish had a thinner one. I was having fun alternating each dish and having a playful blend of flavors in my mouth. Of course, I had each bite together with the rice since, well, I love to eat it with rice! Overall, I had a great time dining in their restaurant and would recommend it to anyone I know who’s in the area!

Rating: 7/10

Check them out:

Eat Tokyo

16 Old Compton Street, London W1D 4TL, England

Website: http://www.eattokyo.co.uk/


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