The Flat Iron Steak by Flat Iron

This was a day were my wife and I were going to indulge in pampering ourselves. We were set to go to Oxford Street, one of the shopping districts of London. It was a whole street full of different shops from Nike, Gap, H&M and a whole lot more. What amazed me was that some of the brands had 2 or more shops because of how far the street went. We spent the afternoon in and out of a lot of shops, and really had a good time in each other’s company. And you know what they say about times like those, it makes anyone hungry (I know, nobody says that)! It was a good time to look for a place to eat since it was getting dark and we were already a bit tired from all the walking. My wife mentioned to me that there was a nearby restaurant that served one of the best steak she had since coming here in London. Of course, I immediately said we had to go there, though she warned me that the last time that they were there, they had to wait for an hour and a half just to be seated. And true enough, that was what happened. When we arrived there, we talked to one of their employees and she said that we had to wait for the same amount of time before we were seated. Since I really wanted to try their food, we agreed and decided to wait for it. We waited around Kingly Court, which was a place very much alive at that hour of the night, and didn’t notice that an hour has already passed by. We were expecting to wait for another 30 minutes when my wife received a message that a table was already available and that we can come back and be seated now. We hurriedly went to the restaurant and was quick to order their specialty, the Flat Iron Steak.

The Flat Iron Steak for £10.00

The steak arrived just a few minutes after we ordered and I loved how it was plated. Just for fun, instead of the usual steak knives other places provide, they had small cleavers instead. It makes you feel like a butcher ready to eat the freshly cooked meat in front of you! Both of us had our steak medium rare and Flat Iron delivered. It was perfectly cooked to a medium rare. The aroma of the spices they used were so appetizing that I was trying my best to get a perfect shot of the food so I can start on it. I took a bite of it and was delighted of the slight crisp the outer layer had. It was juicy, contained just the right amount of fat and almost melted in the mouth. It was really flavourful, and I could have eaten it even without any sauce. They added some salt at the top and that really heightened the deep beef flavour the meat had. I had the peppercorn gravy as my sauce and I love how the gravy didn’t have the overpower taste. Instead, it gave each bite of the steak that creamy attribute that I myself love when eating it. Before I knew it, I was already almost done with my dish. I was full and satisfied with what we just had and I can also say that it is one of the best steak meals I had in my life. I will try the other sauces once I get the chance to dine with them again which is, I believe, will be very soon!

Rating: 8/10

Check them out:

Flat Iron

17 Beak Street, London W1F 9RW, England



Instagram: @FlatIronSteak


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    1. whatchaeat says:

      Yes! And it tastes good as well! Thanks for the comment! Really appreciate it! 😃

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