Paris Eats-perience: Poulet Fermier by Au Bon Accueil

This is the first in a series of post regarding my recent trip in the city of love: Paris! We start of with one of the best dishes my wife and I had in the whole stay! We went to Paris last week via Eurostar. It was amazing how fast the trip was: a mere 2 hours, which I didn’t even notice that much. As soon as we arrived at our hotel, we rested a bit and decided to start our sight seeing immediately since we only had 4 days to see as much of Paris as we can. Our fist stop was the area of Montmartre where the La Basilique du Sacré Cœur de Montmartre was situated followed by the Trocadéro, which we had one of the most awesome views of the Eiffel Tower. We then followed up the road up to Parc du Champ de Mars which offered a sight of the Eiffel Tower in a different angle. We mostly spent our time taking photos since it was such a surreal experience to see the attraction for the first time in person. Of course, with all that picture taking, we were bound to get hungry eventually! So what better way to satisfy our stomachs other than a french cuisine dinner! We searched for a restaurant near the tower and found one along a street nearby. The place was called Au Bon Accueil, and it was full of customers when we arrived. We had to wait for about a couple of minutes before we could find a seat. We used this time to look at the menu and check what we would order. Once we were seated, we took one more look at their menu and ordered ourselves our first French meal in which mine was the Poulet Fermier.

Processed with Snapseed.
Poulet Fermier for €19.00

My order consisted of two slices of roasted chicken breasts, vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage) covered with a savory sauce and some mashed potatoes (I apologize that I didn’t get to include this in the photo). The mashed potatoes were the first one I tried and I absolutely loved it! I was quite surprised actually because I really loved how light the mashed potatoes was. It had just the right balance of creaminess and saltiness that I really liked. There was a slight buttery taste that added some depth to the taste but did not overpower the potatoes itself. Since I had such a great experience with the potatoes, I immediately moved on to the chicken. I took a slice of the meat, some veggies and made sure it had some sauce before eating it. And wow, I was not disappointed! The roast on the chicken skin was just right which made it slightly crispy but not dry. The meat was cooked very well and was tender and easy to chew. The vegetables were because they were only steamed just enough for them to be cooked and retain their crunchiness. That combination of textures, from soft and tender meat to the crunchy roasted chicken skin and vegetables, was amazing! And to top all of that, the sauce that the dish was covered in complemented it well. The slight saltiness of the sauce gave the dish that savoury flavor that went well with everything thats included. Overall, the Poulet Fermier of Au Bon Accueil was truly one of the best meals I had in the whole trip. Truly a wonderful place and would love to come back next time I’m in Paris!

Rating: 8/10

Check them out:

Au Bon Accueil

14 rue Monttessuy
75007 Paris


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