Paris Eats-perience: Confit de canard by Bistrot des Victoires

We just retuned from a day trip to Chateau de Versailles, one of the most famous chateaus across France. Even with almost a whole day, we still didn’t manage to completely roam the palace and the gardens. This just shows how extravagant the life of the previous owners were. The Chateau was just about a 30 minute ride from Zone 1 of Paris. We arrived at around 10am at the Palace and stayed there up until late afternoon. Since we still wanted to go the Louvre, we decided to leave around 5:30pm. We arrived at the Louvre by 6:30pm and was glad that there was still light. This way, we could see the Louvre both daytime and nighttime if we just play our cards right. After a few mandatory photos, we agreed to have dinner while waiting for it to be dark. We searched for a good place near so we wouldn’t be to far from the Louvre. We found a place via TripAdvisor which was just a few minutes walk from where we were. It was a uniquely named restaurant, Bistrot des Victoires, that caught our attention. My wife and I were still a bit early since most restaurants in Paris opens by 7:30pm onwards. We were the first ones to be seated when the started letting guests in. They handed out the menus, which included an english one, to us and we went on and ordered what we wanted to try. I had one of their best sellers, the Confit de canard.

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Confit de canard for £10.90

The Confit de canard is a Paris dish in which the process of making it requires the use of all of the duck parts. You heard me, all of it. Each part has a specific destination in the traditional cooking method. Just the smell of the duck as the waiter laid it in front of me had me hungry all of a sudden. The meal came with potatoes and some salad. I haven’t really had a proper duck dish before so I was really excited on how it would taste like. Whenever I have a meal, I usually start by tasting the side dishes it came with. I first picked some of the potatoes and there seem to be nothing extraordinary with them. They taste like the usual fried potatoes you have on other restaurants before. This goes with the salad as well. The salad was just the same with the others we had in our other meals. Since I already had a taste of both the side dishes, I moved on to the main attraction, the duck. As I was slicing through the meat, the duck skin made some faint crunchy sound which meant that it was just crisp enough that fits my liking. The duck meat was very tender and I had no problems getting piece of it, even with just my fork. I made sure that I had both the skin and the meat in one bite. The taste was so familiar that I had my wife taste it as well. She decoded it for me and told me that it taste like the crispy roasted pork we had in our country, which is absolutely right! I was astounded that the dish had such a rich flavor. I think it was because of how they cooked it. The meat oozed with the deep flavour it got from the sauce it was cooked in. Even though the sides were just ok, the duck just made a home run. Since this was the only Confit de canard I had tried, I will surely try and find which restaurant serves the best one in Paris. So for now, this one is on the top of the list!

Rating: 7/10

Check them out:

Bistrot des Victoires

6 rue de la Vrilliere, 75001 Paris, France


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