Paris Eats-perience: Gnocchi al pollo by Ristorante Del Arte

This day was such a busy day for us. It was the day where we went to most of the landmarks in Paris. We started our day at Musee d’Orsay followed by Sainte Chapelle Church and Notre Dame Cathedral and ending at Montparnasse for the view of the city of Paris at night. This included a lot of walking since the city itself is best experienced through that. Everything we saw in Paris was such a beauty even if it was a bit rainy at times. We stayed at Montparnasse Tower for quite a bit before deciding to head home. We were already tired from all the walking so we just went and ate at the restaurant beside the tower. It was the Del Arte Restaurant and seeing as the menu consisted of pasta and pizza, we agreed on dining here. The place was big, with only a few people eating when we were there. We immediately sat down and found ourselves immediately ordering since we were so hungry by that time. My dinner that time was the Gnocchi al Pollo.

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Gnocchi al Pollo for €11.00

As the name itself, Gnocchi al Pollo is Italian for Gnocchi with Chicken. Gnocchi are basically various thick, soft dough dumplings made of different ingredients. It’s somewhat an alternative to pasta. The gnocchi were covered with cream, mozzarella, cream sauce with grated Italian cheese. The dish also contained sliced chicken as well. I loved the smell of it when the waiter delivered it to us. It was my first time eating gnocchi so I was a bit excited to know why they would have this as a pasta alternative. As I was pulling some of it, the cheese was stretching out from the plate, which made my mouth water. I took the bite and was so delighted of the taste. The gnocchi was indeed thick but it was very soft. It was like a dough ball which was cooked just enought to retain its form yet be soft enough to be chewed easily. It had a light taste but was very filling. The combination of cream and cheese was so good that I literally stopped eating for a moment to appreaciate it. The top of dish had a bit of crusting due to the cheese, which I think really suited it. It was similar to how baked macaroni is made actually. But the flavour of the cheese they used was heavenly. It was thick and deep, but the cream lightened it a bit, resulting to a wonderful balance of saltiness and savouriness in the dish. I was so full that I was having a hard time moving a bit. It was a great dish to end such a tiring yet fullfilling day. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who would happen to dine in this fine Italian restaurant!

Rating: 8/10

Check them out:

Ristorante Del Arte

11 Rue de l’Arrivee | Centre Commercial Tour Maine Montparnasse, 75015 Paris, France


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