Paris Eats-perience: Fricassée de poulet fermier by Au Petit Marguery

We started the day from walking through Jardin des Tuileries, which was right in front of the Louvre, and walked all the way to Arc de Triomphe, of course through Avenue des Champs-Élysées. It was raining most of the time so we didn’t have the chance to enjoy the stroll. The rain was starting to pour harder so we decided to do some window shopping in the nearby stores. Once the rain halted, we took the chance to take pictures of the famour Arc and by the time we were finished, it was already lunch time! I was excited yet sad when I realized it would be our last meal here. And since it was our last day in Paris, we thought we should leave with a bang! We decided that we would have lunch in a fancy French restaurant. And we found someplace that we thought would fit the description. The place was Au Petit Marguery, which was quite a walk from the Arc de Triomphe. My wife and I availed the 3 course meal in which my main course was the Fricassée de poulet fermier.

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Fricassée de poulet fermier, 3 course meal at €29.00

I learned that Fricassée is a method of cooking in which meat is sauteed and braised, and served with the sauce, tradionally with white sauce. The dish consisted of chicken, Creamy Cadillac wine sauce, cauliflower and broccoli gratin with Scamorza. I knew how creamy the dish even with just the smell. Since this was a first experience with regards to this dish, I quickly sliced a portion and ate it, making sure that there was enough sauce included. And just as I predicted, it was indeed creamy but to my surprise, was not at all overwhelming. The creaminess was mild and had that subtle sweetness to it although I did find that the sauce was generously given that I thought it had too much. The chicken was cooked just right, with the meat tender and soft. There were so many portions of the chicken included that I had enough to share with my wife and still be full. Overall, I had a good experience with this restaurant. I think that the 3 course meal was worth the price seeing as I was so full after going through all three.

Rating: 7/10

Check them out:

Au Petit Marguery

64 avenue des Ternes, 75017 Paris, France


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