Lamb Doner + Spicy Chicken Shish by Havet

It was almost dinner time and I was just about to make some when my wife called. She told me that her friends were inviting us to have dinner at the mall and were on their way to the restaurant already. Good thing the mall was nearer to our home than her work place so we decided to meet there. The restaurant was just a few walks from the mall building itself. My wife already dined here so it was me who will be having my first time eating at that place. It was a Turkish restaurant named Havet. From the outside, it looks classy and big. We were a rather big group, around 8 people, so we had to ask the waiter if there were available seats for us. Seeing as it was a Friday, you can expect that there would be a lot of people than usual. We were then seated a few minutes and made our orders shortly after. I sought advice from my lovely wife and she told me the dish she had last time she was here. I opted for that but with an additional meat dish since I wanted to try as much as I can from their menu. I had the Lamb Doner and the Spicy Chicken Shish for my 2 meats that night.

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2 Choice Combo: Lamb Doner + Spicy Chicken Shish for £13.95

This 2 choice combo came with 2 choices from their “Mangal” menu, your choice of rice and salad. As soon as I saw my plate, I was sure that £13.95 was well worth the amount of food in front of me. My mouth was already watery from just the smell of the meat. It had a hint of charcoal smell on them, which was really appetizing to me. Just by looking at the lamb and chicken, I could see that they have been well cooked. I took a bite of the chicken first, and I loved it. I love how the spiciness was not overpowered. It had a slight garlic flavor as well, which also heightened the aroma of the chicken. It was light, but very flavourful as well because of the spicy coating. After that, I then tried some of the salad and as always, it was nothing new. It was delicious, but it was the same as with the other salads I have tried in London restaurants. I took a piece of the lamb and some rice for my next eat. I loved how juicy the meat was and accompanying it with the spicyness of the rice really sealed the deal. The roasted flavour of the lamb was prominent, and I like how each strip was tender and easy to eat. It was very savoury and I couldn’t stop eating it, bite after bite! I couldn’t actually finish it since it had so many servings so I opted to take home some of it. Truly a nice experience for dinner with friends! I will definitely be back, this I can assure all of you!

Rating: 8/10

Check them out:

Havet Restaurant

195-199 High Street, Bromley BR1 1NN, England


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  1. Planned to eat here yesterday but we didn’t know what to order! Bumagsak sa comfort ng pasta and pizza haha 😂


    1. whatchaeat says:

      Ngayon may susubukan ka na next time! 😂


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