Norway Eats-perience: Umami BBQ Burger by Opland Burger and Steak

This is the first in a series of post regarding my recent trip to one of the Scandinavian countries: Norway! It’s actually where my older brother lives and my wife and I decided to visit as well as celebrate my birthday with them. It was a fairly short flight from Gatwick Airport, roughly around 2 hours. We were greeted by my brother at the Oslo-Gardemoen Airport which was about 30 minutes from their house. The trip to their home were already filled with catching up stories and experiences he has in this beautiful country! Autumn in Norway is amazing since you can see all the colors very vividly in the surroundings. We arrived in their place and had some lunch there together before roaming around the city. The first three days were spent in the city of Oslo, where we saw some amazing sights and structures. The weather was as low as two degrees celsius for most of the time so it was really cold when we were roaming around. On the eve of my birthday, we decided to eat out. Sad thing about this was that since it was a Sunday, most of the establishments were already closed so we decided to go and eat at somewhere open which happened to be a burger and steak place, Opland Burger and Steak. After a few looks in the menu, I decided to get one of their best-sellers, the Umami BBQ burger.

dsc05749-02The burger consisted of umami BBQ sauce, bacon and cheddar cheese, onion frites and crispy lettuce. It was a considerably sized burger. It was very aromatic and would definitely make your mouth water just from smelling it. I took some of the sauce on the sides, spread some on my burger and took a bite. I must say the sauce was very flavourful. There was saltiness and sweetness in there and was very deep. The bacon were crispy that it easily broke with each bite. The lettuce were very fresh, with their crispiness just right to add that texture to the burger. The burger meat itself was surprisingly ok. It tasted good, but there was nothing really spectacular that would put the meat flavour above anything I’ve already tried. For me, the sauce is what made the dish a best-seller. The umami sauce gave the burger that balance of flavours among the other ingredients. Overall, the experience was good and I was full after the meal.

Rating: 6.5/10

Check them out:

Opland Burger and Steak

Jernbanetorget 1 | Oestbanehallen, Oslo 0154, Norway


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