Lounge Eggs by Pato Lounge

A very Happy New Year to everyone! It’s been so long since I’ve made a post, you know, because of life and stuff. But now I’m here again, ready to give you my all once more! It’s the first day of the year and it’s my first time to celebrate it here in London! It’s a bit different than what I am used to back home but its still an amazing experience. Since we slept very late because of the new year celebrations, my wife and I decided to have brunch while getting some stuffs for home (which unfornutately we didn’t get anything since most of the shops were still closed). It was a good thing that some of the restaurants around the area were open since we were already starving. My wife said she wanted to have an English breakfast so we went to one of the cafes open that time, which is the Pato Lounge. There were only a few people in so we had the table of our choice. We settled and started ordering our meals. While my wife had the what she came for, I went for something I wanted to try since I came here in London: Lounge Eggs (this is what they call their Eggs Benedict).

Lounge Eggs for £7.25

The Lounge Eggs came with the usual stuffs: two poached eggs, hollandaise sauce, two sourdough muffins, with your choice of the following: back bacon, smoked salmon, sauteed mushrooms or spinach. Since I wanted to try a different type of eggs benedict, I decided to get the smoked salmon for my breakfast. Our orders were delivered without too much of a wait. I guess the great interior caught our attention and we didn’t notice the time we had to wait for it to arrive. As we saw our orders, I was immediately amazed at how generous they were with the hollandaise sauce. I was already starving so I immediately started on my meal (of course I needed to take a picture first *laughs*). The poached egg was cooked just right, easy to slice through and very tasty. The yolk flowed slowly out of egg, which was delightful to watch. The salmon was fresh and had a hint of smoky taste, which was really refreshing to the palate. For me, it was a great choice than the usual bacon or other meat for this dish. The muffins were good, not really spectacular but it blended well witht the other ingredients. The sauce was amazing! It had that hint of lemony flavor I usually look for when eating eggs benedict. It complemented the salmon, and added the lemon taste to make the salmon even tastier. It was truly a marvelous meal. I had a lot of extra sauce because of how much they gave me, which I don’t mind since I really love the sauce. Overall, this was a great meal to start the year and I am looking forward to more meals like this!

Rating: 8/10

Check them out:

202-, 206 High St, Orpington BR6 0JN



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